Following a fall and a broken foot, this former climber discovered Highline. Since then, this passion has never left him. From the beginning, Benoît saw the height as a solution to practice this sport in a safe way, because the higher you are, means less risk of injury. Is only left the ability to overcome the fear of heights and to surpass oneself in order to walk where the birds fly

After learning on his own and practicing highline for 10 years. This graduate of international trade Master decided to leave his job to devote himself fully to his passion and make it his profession.


Specialized huge lengths, Benoit Brume is always keen to create projects of several hundred meters. The long crossings allow him to enter in a state of meditative flow. He also appreciates the logistical aspect of these expeditions which sometimes require teams of up to 20 people.

Always looking for new challenges and places to practice his discipline, Benoit has traveled around the world to explore new places. He organized expeditions in Europe and is planning an expedition to Vietnam in 2023.

He is also specialized in speed and has won many speed competitions in Switzerland, Italy, China and France.